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Road Haulage and Distribution Training Council

A meeting of RHDTC Trustees recently discussed the ongoing schools project that is being funded by the residuary funds held by that body.

So far, the programme has produced:

  • Careers brochures for Scotland and the East Midlands
  • Careers brochures have been circulated and used extensively by 800 schools and colleges within those areas
  • The first comprehensive and independent review of UK careers materials related to the logistics sector
  • The Delivering your future brand and brand guidelines
  • Delivering your future careers website, which has the functionality to become a fully bilingual resource.
  • 40,000 flyers to promote the website.  30,000 printed in English and 10,000 bilingual (English / Welsh)
  • The Made in Chinamaterials, which consist of 3 separate and distinct resources for teachers and students:
    • a Maths resource for 14-16 year olds
    • an Enterprise activity for 14-16 year olds and
    • a careers resource, featuring case studies from the industry.
  • Direct involvement of 79 schools and over 90 teachers.
  • The establishment of a supportive steering group comprised of 9 employers, CILT UK and educationalists
  • The creation of an advisory group consisting of over 70 stakeholders from across the UK
  • Involvement of over 50 logistics companies in the work of the programme

This work is now being taken forward through the development of new case studies and other material, and the promotion of the two websites. The project is being managed by Skills for Logistics (SfL) and has produced some very good material that is being used in schools and the focus has now shifted on to ensuring that the benefits of the programme are carried forward.