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The CV Show: see us on stand 4F30

The 2013 Commercial Vehicle Show will be taking place just a few days after this edition of ROADWAY is delivered to members and I hope we will see a large number of visitors at the show itself and on our stand – 4F30.

The RHA’s over-riding objective is to help its members to be profitable, compliant and sustainable and you will be able to find out everything you need to know about this at the show.

In each of the three main strands of RHA activity – our trade association, our commercial services and our lobbying and campaigning – you will find support for your business and assistance to help make you profitable, compliant and sustainable.

There is not enough space in this short column to explain the many ways we can help, but I can briefly outline some of the main areas covered by the trade association fee that you pay.

Getting the right rate for the job is difficult at the best of times, so knowing what is profitable and what is not allows you to make the right decision when it comes to some of the more ridiculous rates on offer. RHA Cost Tables help you to do that. A fundamental element of your costs is your fuel spend and knowing what you are paying is vital. Our weekly fuel price survey helps you to do that. Staying on the right side of VOSA is a complex task these days, with wide-ranging legislation affecting every aspect of your operation, so up-to-date easy-to-understand explanations of the legal requirements is a must-have for your business. ROADWAY, our Helpdesk and our area managers help you to do that. Saving fuel is a must for every operator but reducing your carbon footprint might not be a high priority – that depends to a large extent on the demands of your customers. Our specialist technical manager can help you to do that.

Whatever you are trying to do, be it making a profit, staying compliant or demonstrating a responsible position in respect of sustainability, there are ways that the RHA can help you. Some activities are included in your membership fee and there are a few examples above. Some are commercial services, such as training, tachograph analysis, O-Licence audits or contracts of employment, each designed to offer a quality product at a competitive price. And our lobbying and campaigning covers areas intended to contribute to a level playing field, including our action in respect of insolvent companies which undercut those who seek to make a profit.

One way or another, the RHA is helping you to make a profit, to comply with the various rules that apply to the industry and to support you in contributing to reducing the impact of climate change. There has never been a better time to be a member of the RHA. Come along to stand 4F30 at the CV Show to find out more.


Geoff Dunning
Chief Executive