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Positive end to the year

I am feeling very positive, as the end of another interesting and challenging year, rapidly approaches. And from what I hear, so are members.

The RHA is still tackling the ever-present challenges of keeping a lid of fuel duty, fairer regulation and enforcement and protecting compliant professional hauliers from the less diligent in our industry. And on a daily basis it continues to represent members’ interests as new issues come to the fore, both nationally and locally.

Thanks to a more buoyant economy members are now hopefully returning to a position, where they can start investing in their businesses again. If the results of recent press tests are born out in daily operation, Euro 6 is not the demon everyone feared it would be. Buy a new truck today and that is what will be delivered and it seems the manufacturers have developed a range of add-ons, which will help operators to be more profitable and compliant. Next year’s CV Show (29 April to 1 May) will help you make the best buying decision for your operation.

As I see it the biggest challenge we will face next year, and potentially over the next few years, are the Driver CPC five-year periodic training deadlines. From September 10th 2014, if your drivers are not in possession of a Driver Qualification card, and are stopped by the police or VOSA driving an LGV professionally, they are – with a few exceptions – breaking the law. And as the O Licence holder, you will be held responsible by the Traffic Commissioners for permitting them to do so.

After your O Licence, your drivers are your most prized assets and there is nowhere better to invest. After all what is the point of a nice contract and a fleet of shiny new Euro 6 trucks, if you don’t have anyone to drive them? Recent DSA figures show that there is still a long way to go, in terms of periodic training, to ensure the driver population is DCPC compliant by next September. If you need help RHA Training offers some excellent cost effective periodic training courses.  It is inevitable that the industry will lose some older drivers next year, so it vital that we retain and train the remainder.

And finally I would like to publically thank and congratulate the RHA’s director for Scotland and Northern Ireland, Phil Flanders, for a job well done.

Sadly Phil leaves the RHA at the end of this month after 15 year’s loyal service. Phil’s role differs from our other regional directors in that the director for Scotland & Northern Ireland has to contend with the differences in policy and legislation at the devolved governments of two countries and represents his members’ interests personally without the help of a large policy team. Phil has done sterling work on behalf of members and I was delighted that his efforts were recognised at the recent Scottish Transport News Rewards. In his spare time Phil is also passionate about the plight of Elephants in the Far East and has raised over £10,000 to help sanctuaries in Thailand. On behalf of staff and members, good luck and thank you.

Geoff Dunning


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