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Staff skills levels: What do you expect?

Any company, large or small, relies heavily on its staff. Every employee can affect the performance of the business – its profitability and relations with customers in particular. So what do expect from your staff? Obviously, you will expect personal qualities such as honesty, punctuality and reliability, but what about skills?

Skills for Logistics (SfL) is going to try to answer this question through a number of groups which were launched in London recently. I have been invited to chair the Drivers’ Group, and a number of RHA members have already volunteered. I have also asked the Freight Transport Association and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport to nominate people to help with this vital work.

The first meeting will take place on 4 October and we will welcome volunteers. If you are interested please contact Vicki Ball at SfL on:

The work will also cover the full range of occupations within our sector with groups including warehousing, fleet management and international operations. Each group will be chaired by a different organisation in the industry. Again, please contact Vicki if you are interested in occupations other than drivers.

SfL has changed significantly in recent years, with government funding now being handed out on a project-by-project basis, as SfL – like all sector skills councils – is expected to be self-funded in future. You may have heard of some of the projects it is currently dealing with, such as the development of a Logistics Academy and a Logistics Guild.

The Academy is a unique partnership between logistics companies, government and other key stakeholders, including logistics training and skills development specialists. Being a one-stop-shop, service will be key to the Academy’s success by ensuring that employers can quickly find relevant training solutions to meet their business needs.

The Academy will help employers to develop solutions to address skills which are unique to the logistics industry, and will tackle many of the long-term problems the sector faces in maintaining a skilled workforce and continued business success. In addition, the national network of Academy Licensed Partners will provide high-quality, demand-led solutions that meet employers’ requirements.

The Logistics Guild will be launched shortly and is designed to attract, retain and develop new entrants, helping people to identify what sort of jobs require their skills, so they can map career development and help employers find the people they want for their businesses. Like all the projects that SfL has been commissioned to carry out recently, they are designed to be self-funding in future: driven by employers and delivering what employers want.

The RHA is indirectly involved in SfL’s work, as the majority of the organisation’s contact is directly with employers. For more information see:

Geoff  Dunning
Chief Executive


One response to “Staff skills levels: What do you expect?

  1. Jeff October 30, 2012 at 9:48 am

    These sound like some very interesting projects!

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