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Deliver UK: make a difference

Over the past ten years or so, many RHA members have written to MPs using
standard letters prepared by the RHA. More often than not, the response has been lukewarm to say the least and, as a result, there is widespread cynicism about the effectiveness of contacting your MP.

The time has come to change that. The time has come to make our voice heard in the corridors of power and ensure the interests of the haulage industry, which is critical to the success of the UK economy, are properly taken into account.

Together, we can make a real impact.

Now that the dust has settled on the General Election, all the various ministerial posts have been filled, and the government has settled its position on how and where budget cuts will fall, we have an opportunity to engage with the various MPs who influence policy.

Over the summer, we have been building a list of key MPs, including not only ministers in important departments, such as the DfT and the Treasury, but also the Whips who are the ‘eyes and ears’ of ministers and play a vital role in briefing them about many issues.

For many years, there has been the view that the road freight sector’s interests have not been properly communicated to Parliament. Deliver UK is a completely new approach which will change this situation dramatically and permanently. Deliver UK is a carefully planned, targeted approach to making our voice heard, using our members’ influence to ensure that government not only listens to our views, but reflects those views in the decisions it makes.

Every member has a part to play. Every member can help us achieve the objective of ensuring that MPs listen to our concerns.

Deliver UK will work on a number of levels. The first stage is the identification of those MPs who are most important to our campaign to get our interests taken into account when decisions are made.

During this stage we will be approaching members direct and asking them to get involved in writing to MPs, attending their surgeries, inviting them to visit members’ depots and, most importantly, getting our messages across about the issues which matter, and the changes we want to see.

The first stage will take us through to the end of this year, after which we will extend our reach to a wider range of MPs who are interested in specialist areas of significance to members and are willing to listen to our concerns and follow them up with ministers in a positive and constructive way.

In the meantime we encourage members to approach any MP, whatever their role within Parliament. One thing is absolutely clear: if we don’t tell decision-makers what is important to us, no one else will. If you are asked to get involved, we hope you will.



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